Hello, my name is Claudia McKenzie

Hello! My name's Claudia McKenzie and I am a Vancouver based Graphic Designer graduated from Vancouver College of Art and design (VCAD). I am a full time Freelancer, and It was an easy choice, mostly because I love to collaborate and get to wok with wonderful people, and companies. 

As a Graphic Designer, I have a passion for illustration, branding, lettering & photography. All creations start from a blank canvas. I find you are always creating something from nothing to a uniformed original state. It is the appreciation for this type of creativity, of art and design, which is most gratifying.

W A N T  T O  W  O R K  T O G E T H E R ? 

Check out some of my recent work to see if my style is what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in learning more get in touch to discuss your upcoming project. I would love to chat!